The Nursery


A mock up of our nursery

When thinking about the nursery, I picture a room that’s comfortable, soothing, and not too baby-ish. I imagine Mitch and I will be spending quite some time rocking, playing and changing the baby so I want us to like spending time in there as well. Ideally, I want the bones of the nursery to be gender neutral, as we plan on having at least one more baby and picture this being our forever nursery.

There are some really cute ideas out there!


I don’t really want a whole themed nursery. We first thought about doing something around animals, like a safari theme when we saw these paper mache animal heads at Restoration Hardware Baby, but after stopping in to see them in person (which I’m so glad we did!) we decided they might be a little scary for the baby.

Then, I saw this whale poster that I really liked, but after sleeping on it thought it was too big of a statement and might get boring. So, we decided to just make the room comfortable with little touches of innocence and discovery sprinkled here and there.

The Crib

I wanted something traditional, yet simple and not too fussy. I really liked this shiplap-look from Pottery Barns Kids, but after seeing it in person, I couldn’t picture it in our home. The crib was one of the things that took the longest to find. I spent a lot of time looking online but after changing my mind when I saw shiplap-look one in person, I wasn’t sure whether I could choose from just seeing them online. Sites like mommyhood101 were a big help though, as I found reading reviews meant I knew the product in a lot more detail. We ended up finding one that I loved (very similar to the top cover photo), that looked identical to one that I had seen at RH, but for a lot less.

The Rug

We purchased this rug from for less than $100 and think it’s perfect for our little guy. I plan on layering this little sheepskin rug from IKEA.

The Decor

I absolutely love RH, but it can be a bit pricey depending on what you’re looking at. I’ll often scroll through their website or store for inspiration. We loved the little animal prints by Sharon Montrose, but there was no way we were paying over $200 for one photo. I was able to find the exact prints by Sharon Montrose at for $25! This set of 3 model airplanes, however, is adorbs and would great above the rocker (once we find one). Other places I’ll be hitting up for accents and cute storage are Home Goods and Target.

We still need to paint the room, straighten up the bookshelf and closet, and are waiting for the crib to come in, but I can’t wait to share how our little guy’s room turns out. So, stay tuned for an update!

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