New Born Must-Haves

Everything that helped both baby and mommy get more sleep in the first couple of weeks

I don’t think there’s anything I fear more than the first couple of nights at home with a new born. So many what-if’s run through my head. It’s especially worrying with having a pet as well. What if your pet doesn’t take too kindly to your newborn baby? What if your pet feels unloved? How do I introduce the pet to my baby? Luckily, dogs don’t have to just be mans best friend; they can be best friends with babies too. Best For Mums gives some great advice on how to introduce the two. Even if you don’t have a pet, having a newborn is one of the scariest things you can experience. Luckily for you, I do want to share what helped us survive those long dreaded nights.

You’d think I was a first time mom, but the truth is so much changed from when I had Owen to Olivia in just a few short years. Owen started off sleeping in the Rock and Play, which was recalled so that sleep option was no longer. We thought, maybe we’d give the Pack and Play another go? Nope. Truth is, there’s no right or wrong. Each baby is different, just like each person prefers their own type of pillow. I just knew I wanted baby to be sleeping safe and comfortably within eye sight, so here’s what worked for us.

Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

I love that the Halo Bassinet is a side sleeper that fits nicely right next to the bed, so I’m able to look over and see my little one. What makes it really nice is that the sidewall lowers and returns automatically to the upright position making it easy to tend to baby throughout the night without having to get out of bed. The 360 degree swivel motion also makes getting in and out of bed easier so you’re not having to scoot to the end of the bed to get up.

Hatch Rest Night Light and Sound Machine

Okay, I know some of you are like, “really, a night light?” but, YES. Life saver. I set up the Hatch Rest in the corner of our bedroom and keep it on the lowest setting, so I’m able to check on the bebe during the night without straining. The best thing about it is that you’re able to adjust it from your phone! Game. Changer. This feature makes it especially useful when we have to change diapers in the middle of the night. Plus, you can customize the color, brightness, sound, volume level and set programs to turn off and on automatically based on your family’s sleep schedule.

Graco Pack and Play

A constant in our parenting pack list, great for travel and a pop-up changing station for our bedroom; the Pack and Play is clutch. During the day, I put baby in the mobile bassinet (is that what it’s called?). It’s super soft and has a cute bear mobile that I turn on when I need a quick minute to run to the restroom or change out the laundry. It not only keeps her awake and occupied (great for getting her used to day vs night) but is also great for baby’s development.

Snuggle Me Organic

The Snuggle Me Organic is great for getting baby to sleep and “the next best thing to being held in your arms.”

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

I swear by this stuff. Forget the lanolin they give you at the hospital. Pack Earth Mama in your hospital bag, as this nipple butter is 100% organic and was a life saver. I was in so much pain this time around trying to get Livi’s latch right. Once I started to apply it after every feed, it helped heal my nips and made nursing bearable.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced

As mentioned above, the baby was having a hard time latching at first which made my boobs sore and since she was constantly wanting to nurse, I became engorged pretty early on. That’s where the Medela pump came into play to give me some relief. I’m using the same pump for the second time around and have no complaints. However, I do suggest purchasing this nursing bra to make things a little easier and you’re able to pump hands free.

The Boppy

The Boppy nursing and infant support pillow, is another item that I swear by that not only helps to support with breastfeeding but also the perfect pillow for baby’s first year from supporting the baby sitting up to tummy time.

The Swaddle

Just like everyone prefers their own type of pillow, each baby likes their own way of sleeping. Owen did NOT like to be swaddled, nor were we good at it (round one). This time around, we were determined to get it down. There are a couple of different types of swaddles. I suggest testing them out. I think these are pretty and are great for when you’re out and about and need to breastfeed. The size of them are perfect. However, these are super easy to use for those of us that are swaddle challenged and make swaddling baby at between feedings and changing diapers super easy.

Mesh Trim Clip Down Maternity And Nursing Bra

This no-fuss bra is my absolute favorite that makes nursing more discreet and easy to do at a moments notice (which will all you have before baby gets fussy)!

Baby Tracker App

Wish I would have had this app as a first time mom! For me, it’s easier to pick up my phone and press a button during a feed than having to reach for a pen and paper or try to remember start times. The Baby Tracker App is key for keeping up with which side you last fed on, for how long and how much time has passed between feedings. You can also track dirty diapers, nap times, and (my favorite feature) pumping. I can open my app and see how much milk I have in the freezer which feels like an accomplishment (over time) and gives me peace of mind. The app is also nice when it comes to updating the pedi’s questionnaire at each check up.

So there you have it, all of my new born essentials that have helped me get through the first couple of weeks at home with baby. Would love to know if you have anything to add that isn’t listed here? Keep in mind, each baby is different. Each mom will have their own way of doing things that works for them and we shouldn’t judge. We’re all just trying to do our best to raise little humans the best way we know how.

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