July Mood

Summer has always one of my favorite seasons, which includes the month of July. I love the dewy grass early in the morning, the occasional sunny showers, and the smell of sun tan lotion on your skin. I look forward to wearing less clothes, getting more sun and eating all the fresh fruits and veggies the season has to offer. It’s true what they say about having a little one around, you start to view the world all over again through a child’s eyes and it really is the little things that make such memorable moments, like Owen’s first bite of watermelon. He would have eaten the whole thing, had we let him!

July Mood Board, Kat Klein Style, What to do this July, July Activities, Summer activities, Summer Style, What to Wear July, July InspirationWhat I’m looking forward to most are weekends by the water, reading a few good books, and enjoying the nice long days while they’re here. I look forward to making colorful summer salads, flavorful cheese boards, and drinking chilled rosé while we spend our days outside soaking up the sun listening to mixes of Jack Johnson, John Mayer and a little Bob Marley.

What are you looking forward to most this month?

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