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New Born Must-Haves

Everything that helped both baby and mommy get more sleep in the first couple of weeks

I don’t think there’s anything I fear more than the first couple of nights at home with a new born. So many what-if’s run through my head. It’s especially worrying with having a pet as well. What if your pet doesn’t take too kindly to your newborn baby? What if your pet feels unloved? How do I introduce the pet to my baby? Luckily, dogs don’t have to just be mans best friend; they can be best friends with babies too. Best For Mums gives some great advice on how to introduce the two. Even if you don’t have a pet, having a newborn is one of the scariest things you can experience. Luckily for you, I do want to share what helped us survive those long dreaded nights.


6 Books to read this fall

When I’m on the go, I love using my time to multi-task and enjoy my commute with Audible #notsponsored.

I’ve had a subscription for the last couple of years and because I haven’t been able to slow down, I’ve racked up a good half-year’s worth of credit and am excited to finally use them up!



Oh, sweet September. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend celebrating the final days of summer with friends and or family. As for me, I spent the rainy weekend at home in Houston, spending time with my silly little boy and working around the house marking off our home’s honey do’s with my hubs. 


August Mood

What I’m Looking Forward to This Month

august, what to do this month,what to eat, what to drink, what to wear

Hi friends and hello, August! Is it just me or does August seem like the Sunday of Summer? I’ve always felt that this month brings with it a little bit of blues. It doesn’t really have a holiday for us to celebrate like every other month. (more…)

Cyber Monday


01. Fashion Tips from the pros 

02. Why You Need to Slow Down (and How to Actually Do It)

03. Need a laugh?