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I haven’t always loved running, but once I started I couldn’t stop. I use it as a way to relieve stress and free my mind from life’s little hurdles. It truly is my “me time” that I find very rewarding.


Leg Work

leg work out, work out, I can’t believe it’s been fourteen weeks since we welcomed our little bundle of joy into this world! Time has flown by and I’m happy I’m finally back to blogging. Sorry to go all MIA on you, but I seriously needed some time to bond with the baby and get my life together.


Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat…and Eat Right

Growing up, I played softball competitively. It was literally seven days a week, from practice to the batting cages, to tournaments just about every weekend. Working out thankfully has been instilled in me.

I hate to go more than a couple of weeks without hitting the gym, taking a class or doing yoga at home. It’s like there’s this little athlete sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear, “Honey, you gotta hit the gym,” from the moment I turn off the alarm clock in the morning, and that little voice only gets louder and more annoying as I go throughout my day, “Are you really going to eat that? Do you really need another piece? You’re going to regret that!” I have to admit that as I’ve gotten older it’s gotten a hell of a lot harder to reap the benefits of the miles I clock on the treadmill and believe me, it’s more than frustrating having to watch what you eat.

I am happy to say that with a few small changes, I’ve gotten my hubby on board with some healthy meals that actually taste pretty damn good (posts to come), and we’ve been able to get fit without having to completely change our day to day.

I try to kick my week off right with a Sunday workout. This week was a little tough but I made it to the gym in my gear similar to that I’ve seen from RyderWear UK, ran a mile to warm up and then hit the weight room for squats. I then grabbed a 25lb. weight and headed to the sauna to try some standing side crunches (with the weight – 3 rounds of 10 reps on each side) and step ups (without the weight – 3 rounds of 10 step-ups each leg, rotating the leading leg per round). I was so excited the sauna was actually empty! I’ve been waiting to get in there to sweat it out with some weights. It was tough with the heat, but I managed to get through and rest in there for 10, before I returned to the weight room to stretch, do sit-ups and leg kicks.

I like to spend at least twelve minutes in the sauna to sweat out some calories and de-stress. Have you ever tried the sauna? It’s pretty relaxing! One other thing I always do at the gym is take a pic of my run once I’m done. Not only does it help me document my run, it pushes me to beat my times.

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Sunday’s Mile


Warrior Wednesday, Spin

No other work out (that I’ve tried) gets me as pumped up or pushes me to my limits, as much as a good spin class. With the lights down, and the music up, I can get in my zone and focus on pushing myself. Rotating: right, left, right, right, left… as the instructor’s energy and enthusiasm fills the room. Next thing you know your swag is on point and your riding with the pack. Forty-five intense minutes of working out has never flown by so quickly. It’s addicting!

One thing that I found difficult when starting spin was figuring out the right seat position, until I came across this cheat sheet on Glamour.

The 5 Must-Know Tricks for Positioning Your Spin Bike:

The 5 Must-Know Tricks for Positioning Your Spin Bike: