Day Date at the Brewery

They say once you have a baby you should make time for date nights to keep the love alive. It’s been a long four months since the hubs and I have been able to get away for an actual date with just the two of us. So, this weekend we spontaneously decided to cease the moment when the opportunity presented itself.

We stopped by Evia Market in Galveston to shop my friend Lauren’s pop up, The Copper Cactus. Her and her sister Ali decided to chase their dreams and just opened their online boutique which carries the cutest tops, chic dainty jewelry, and gorgeous oversized totes. I picked up a couple of new shirts, which you’ll see on my feed very soon! 

On our way home we came across Galveston Island Brewing, a local brewery that we’d passed by several times, but this time in particular we thirsting for a happy hour. Best.idea.evah!

It was love at first sight when we walked into this hidden gem with an airy skylight and copper bar top (and felt like fate following The Copper Cactus)! With over a dozen beers on tap, Mitch + I decided to each get a flight. 

With so many flavorful notes, I chose the flagship brew, Tiki Wheat as my fave. With its light honey sweetness, I found it to be delightfully refreshing. Mitch chose the Samson Imperial Stout. Dark in color and a malty flavor, with a 10.3% alcohol volume, it was tasty but not my cup of tea. Needless to say, after few drinks and some great conversation, we had ourselves a grand ole time!

Have you ever had a memorable spontaneous experience? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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