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Photo Jun 11, 12 52 58 PM (1)As we prepare to bring a baby into the world, all I can think about is what we’re going to teach them.

The other day, Mitch asked me this exact question, “What are you looking forward to teaching the baby about?” When I said God, he kind of laughed and said, “Well of course, but I meant like how to play catch or how to ride a bike.”

“Oh, right…” (insert laughing emoji here).


Photo Jun 11, 12 51 12 PM


I don’t know if it’s my nurturing side kicking in, or if it’s just the difference in thinking, but what I do know is I want to teach them how much they’re loved by showing them. That everyone deserves to be loved and respected. I believe it’s important to teach children at a young age to be kind and loving and teach them how to pray. I look forward to all those little moments I imagine us sharing.

Photo Jun 11, 12 51 20 PMMy heart hurts for the families that have lost loved ones in the horrible Orlando shooting, and all of the people that will forever be scarred.  I watched a Facebook live video of a young man sharing his story of that night, and it broke my heart hearing what he had gone through, but seeing comment after comment of people sending their love and prayers as he spoke was so touching and made me realize that there is love in this world that will forever conquer.

Photo Jun 11, 12 53 31 PMI hope that you have a great day, and try to spread love where ever you can.

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